Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Well, the Iowa parade has come and gone and we have the "top" three winners from the GOP establishment. Cruz, Trump and Rubio - with all the polls and discussion going around I can honestly tell you that to me Iowa doesn't matter and neither does New Hampshire. Based on delegates both Iowa and New Hampshire have pretty low numbers to make a difference. The only reason why these two states even matter is because they both vote earlier then any other state; that's it. What I do appreciate from the campaigns visiting the states and their towns/cities is that in brings in a large amount of money that in true nature is an influx in revenue. Speaking with my wife we both agree that the two states look forward to this every four years because to them is like a Black Friday of sorts. Winning Iowa doesn't guarantee a win for president - Ronald Reagan lost the Iowa Caucus and ended up becoming our 40th POTUS. Like every four years i'm going to sit back and evaluate the field and see where my logic and heart falls when it get closer to the primary.

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