Friday, November 20, 2015

Jermain Trail

Went on a nice three mile walk today at the Jermain Trail in Toledo. It's literally five minutes away from home. It is meant for mount-bikers but I figured why not walk it and see how bad it really is. Well seeing that I'm not a natural hiker this course did a nice number on me. I'm a pretty big guy at 296 lbs so I figured why not throw in an additional 25 lbs in a backpack for added resistance. When I got done I felt better about myself and my body felt really tired but good. When I took the backpack off I felt so light on my feet. If I would of known about this trail during the summer I think I would of been on it a few more times. With Winter just around the corner the "warm" days are coming to an end. If I'm able to squeeze in a few more hikes I'll try to take some pics throughout the walk.

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