Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What Happened...

It came and went, Superbowl 50. Wow, a game to remember. The predictions about the game's outcome was everywhere. There were birds picking the winning team. Two old couples throwing ping pong balls into a cup and the winner's team would be the champs. Several inside bets and taunts in many workplaces that some got out of hand. Nonetheless the Broncos have won and it was an interesting game to say the least. Many mistakes were made on both sides and lots of missed opportunities as well. Regardless to which team you wanted to win it was a nice time spent with friends and family. Yeah there were a few idiots that had to celebrate a bit too much but let's hope they spent some time in jail reflecting on what that caused chaos proved. Hope everyone enjoyed the game I know I did. Maybe this coming year the 49ers will be in a decent spot; well maybe. :)

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